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Friday, April 21, 2006


i think the title says it all!
i hurt my back a few days ago, and finally broke down and went to the doctor. the good thing is that there is notheing broken, and due to the medication i am taking i cannot feel if i have a headache!!!!!!
i have a few bruised and pulled muscles in my back, which should feel better in about 5 days, so until then i get to take some good pain relievers and muscle relaxers. thankfully i do not have to drive anywhere, so i can take them as prescribed, but today was fun... cannot drive when taking this stuff, so all i could take today was one of the pain relievers after i got to campus, then i had to wait until i got home to take anything else. It is pretty much the last few days of the semester, and i feel sad- because it it over. i have had a blast, met some new people, who i hope will still be friends next semester, and learned a lot. i learned from people as well as classes.. i enjoed all my classes, nd my professors- too bad they dont teach any of my classes for next semester.
for any of you interested i am posting my schedule for fall semester of 2006, maybe i will have some of you in my classes....

monday, wednesday and friday
math 1420- Wilson, Andy T
9:05am-10:00am in Cx 308
english 1020- Bekus, Albert J
10:10am-11:05am in Ha 245

Educ 2100- staff
8:00am-8:55am in Cx 103
thea 1030- Pallen, Thomas A
9:05am-11:00am in Tra 420A
Hist 1210- Pesely, George
11:10am-12:35am in Cx 111
I have one web course- HHP1250 (section W2)

hope to see some of you again!!!!!
If we share no classes- please do not forget me, the blog on myspace will continue, even if does not!!!

ps- stil no foal yet- hopefully soon... when it happens i will probrably post some pics for all to see...


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