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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


wow, what a week. today is wednesdy, the 19th, and i am at the end of my headache free 2 days. A headache attacked me today around 3pm. thankfully i was already home, and did nto have to drive anywhere. This month i got lucky, i got 2 days free of headaches, usually i only get one or none...... i really hate headaches, but have dealt with them for as long as i can remember. My mother says it is hereditary, that everyone in her sideof the family suffers from migraines. But i also know that there are factors from my life that have influenced my migraines, due to my stupidity, and because of that i have to suffer consequences. I accept that, but i just wish there was a medication that truly works for me. my doctor has given me at one time or another over the past 15 years every type of pain reliever, and migraine medication- and some worked for a short period of time, but then they ceased to work and i had adverse reactions to some. So, here i am, with no true solution to ease the pain, except the hope of a headache free day. To know that it is possible to have a day or two with no headaches or migraines is a blessing , and something to look forward to. I will continue to suffer in my own way, trying to do so quietly, but I will not enjoy it, I know my eyes will be extremely sesitive, my head will sear with pain at every noise, and i will not be able to eat, due to the nausea, but i will continue my daily activities and do the best i can to put on a rave face. To anyone that has headaches- count your blessings that yours are not as bad as mine, and that you can get some relief through medication.

now- off to sleep, so i can attend class in the morning- and i will pray that i will be able ot drive.


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