college life at 27

Friday, April 21, 2006


i think the title says it all!
i hurt my back a few days ago, and finally broke down and went to the doctor. the good thing is that there is notheing broken, and due to the medication i am taking i cannot feel if i have a headache!!!!!!
i have a few bruised and pulled muscles in my back, which should feel better in about 5 days, so until then i get to take some good pain relievers and muscle relaxers. thankfully i do not have to drive anywhere, so i can take them as prescribed, but today was fun... cannot drive when taking this stuff, so all i could take today was one of the pain relievers after i got to campus, then i had to wait until i got home to take anything else. It is pretty much the last few days of the semester, and i feel sad- because it it over. i have had a blast, met some new people, who i hope will still be friends next semester, and learned a lot. i learned from people as well as classes.. i enjoed all my classes, nd my professors- too bad they dont teach any of my classes for next semester.
for any of you interested i am posting my schedule for fall semester of 2006, maybe i will have some of you in my classes....

monday, wednesday and friday
math 1420- Wilson, Andy T
9:05am-10:00am in Cx 308
english 1020- Bekus, Albert J
10:10am-11:05am in Ha 245

Educ 2100- staff
8:00am-8:55am in Cx 103
thea 1030- Pallen, Thomas A
9:05am-11:00am in Tra 420A
Hist 1210- Pesely, George
11:10am-12:35am in Cx 111
I have one web course- HHP1250 (section W2)

hope to see some of you again!!!!!
If we share no classes- please do not forget me, the blog on myspace will continue, even if does not!!!

ps- stil no foal yet- hopefully soon... when it happens i will probrably post some pics for all to see...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


wow, what a week. today is wednesdy, the 19th, and i am at the end of my headache free 2 days. A headache attacked me today around 3pm. thankfully i was already home, and did nto have to drive anywhere. This month i got lucky, i got 2 days free of headaches, usually i only get one or none...... i really hate headaches, but have dealt with them for as long as i can remember. My mother says it is hereditary, that everyone in her sideof the family suffers from migraines. But i also know that there are factors from my life that have influenced my migraines, due to my stupidity, and because of that i have to suffer consequences. I accept that, but i just wish there was a medication that truly works for me. my doctor has given me at one time or another over the past 15 years every type of pain reliever, and migraine medication- and some worked for a short period of time, but then they ceased to work and i had adverse reactions to some. So, here i am, with no true solution to ease the pain, except the hope of a headache free day. To know that it is possible to have a day or two with no headaches or migraines is a blessing , and something to look forward to. I will continue to suffer in my own way, trying to do so quietly, but I will not enjoy it, I know my eyes will be extremely sesitive, my head will sear with pain at every noise, and i will not be able to eat, due to the nausea, but i will continue my daily activities and do the best i can to put on a rave face. To anyone that has headaches- count your blessings that yours are not as bad as mine, and that you can get some relief through medication.

now- off to sleep, so i can attend class in the morning- and i will pray that i will be able ot drive.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


another day in the life of me!
still no foal, so we are looking for any day now, she looks like she is ready to drop that foal any day now. the semester is just about over- and i feel like it just started- i'm excited but also feeling dread, i enjoyed this semester more than i thought i would. i really hate headaches!!! i have had a migraine for about 1 1/2 weeks now and am going out of my mind. i find it hard to concentrate on anything for any length of time. i've done everythign i can to try to rid myself of it, but i have failed repeatedly. i am just hoping that it will go away without me having to go to the doctor for a shot........... so, now that my brain is scrambled from trying to concentrate i will just leave this as it is-
post again- maybe next time i will not be sufferring from a migraine.

Monday, April 10, 2006

another busy week

wow- has it been a busy week. essay, speech, chemistry project which is ongoing, and music project to be completed.. on top of all that i have had a migraine for over a week now, and we just lost a colt. we have another foal due within the week, so i gotta keep a close eye on the horses. this will be a short one, since there are things i need to do for chemistry class, and recheck my bibliography to turn in tomorrow

Thursday, April 06, 2006

busy week

had a lot going on this past week... tests to study for, essays to write and rewrite, homework, and more homework. I spent most of this past weekend sick and in bed, and have been sufferring from a migraine since monday(4-3-06)...i hope it ends soon!!!!!!

I had a sad day today!!!!

Death is a hard part of life to deal with. I have 4 horses, 3 mares and one gelding. we decided to breed our mares this year, and 2 of them were due either this month or next month.... I came home from school today to find out that one of our mares had breached- the colt wa sdead, and now we have to watch the mare extremely carefully to make sure the bleeding stops and that she does not die as well. I am devestated- I know that death is a part of life, but it should come at the end of ones life, not the beginning.....We will be watching the other mare very carefully as well, since she is also due to foal- I am just praying that there are no complications during the birthing with this mare and that we get a healthy foal.