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Saturday, March 11, 2006

yay fot me!!!!!!

i finally did better than i had imagined in English class!!!! I made a 90 on an essay and an 88 on my midterm!!! I am so happy!!!! Now the hard part comes, to continue to do this well and hopefully even better!!!!!! I am totally psyched to get back to classes- I have done nothing but clean, and work on the house- finally finnished the renovations on my bathroom- i now have a jacousie(think i spelled that wrong)tub!! my son's room is finally finnished as well, and he is thrilled with it!!!! just got my income tax refund, which pays my car payments for at least the next 9 months, and i will be getting my balance check from my loan on the 15th, which goes on the principle of my car loan, and part gets banked to ensure that next semester is paid for!!!! I've been rereading a lot of stuff (from classes) and going over my notes- apparently i need to take better notes, and feel more confident in what i have read, that i partially understand what i was clueless about!!!yay for me!!!! well i have babbled enough for tonight!


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