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Sunday, March 05, 2006

spring break- what is that????

what exactly i sspring break? is it a time for young kids to take out their frustration, from ding poorly in school, by partying for a week non-stop? Or is it a time for you to collect your thoughts, redisn your plans and reset a goal for doing better in school........ i never was into the party scene, so i am going to do the latter. i will regroup and replan, and set my sights on doing better in my classes. I feel i owe it to myself..... if i am paying for this education, shouldnt i be learning everything i possibly can? i know this to be true, but still find it hard to comprehend why i am not doing as well as i feel i should be................................. so far, i have started rereading all the chapters in my books, i have started with chemistry/physics because i am doind really bad there- hopefully this will help me, and i will have a better grasp on what's going on!!!! then i will be going back over my english and speech stuff... i have a midterm coming up for speech, and need to do well!!! i am doing great in math, but will reread anyway!! i guess this week break is to give students the opportunity to realize that they can do better, and maybe by the time the week is over they can institute a better strategy for learning!!!
well, that is my plan anyway!!!!!


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