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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

fairy tales

Once upon a time there was a little green frog. The frog was lost and unable to find his way home. He missed his mommy, and wanted to go home. A little girl found the frog, and asked him why he was so sad. "I am lost far away from home, and want to go home", said the frog. This made the little girl sad. He asked the little girl if she could help him find his way home, but when she asked him if he remembered what his home looked like and which direction he traveled from, he said that he did not know. The little girl frowned, and said "if you do not know where you came from or what your home looks like , I will not be able to help you. This made the little frog sad and also angry, he thought maybe he should trick the little girl into helping him find his home. He said to the little girl, "I am a magical frog, and if you help me find my way home I will grant three wishes for you". The little girl thought for a minute... three wishes- "oh, what should I wish for? She thought to herself.....She agreed to help the frog find his way home, and their journey began.........
The little girl wondered which direction the frog could have came from. Her home had a lot of land, and she thought that they should look there first. The frog said that he remembered that his home was near water, so the little girl said they would start with the ponds on the property. They came across the first pond, and ran into a big toad. The little girl asked the toad if there were any frog families living nearby. The grumpy old toad said "The frogs all left a few days ago, they said they did not like it here anymore", and then he jumped into the pond. The little frog said he did not remember ever meeting this toad, but he was not sure if he lived nearby or not. The little girl and the frog continued their journey to the next pond.
At the next pond they came across a turtle. The little girl asked the turtle if there were any frog families living nearby. The turtle said " I’m not sure, I just moved here today, my old home had dried up", and then he swam away across the pond. The frog said he was not sure if he ever met this turtle before, and that he did not remember this pond. They were just about to leave, when the little girl spotted a blue jay. She decided to ask the blue jay about the frogs. The blue jay said to her " I see many frogs every day, but I am not sure if I remember where they are, I travel so much that I never know where I am". The little girl thanked the blue jay, and they continued their journey towards the next pond.
When they arrived at the next pond there were frogs everywhere laying in the sun, and on lily pads in the pond. The little girl asked the frog if he remembered anyone there, but the frog was not sure. The little girl decided they would have to talk to all the frogs. They talked to the frog families first, asking if any of them remember the little frog or his family. None of the frog families knew the little frog. Next, they spoke to all the young frogs, but no one remembered or knew the little frog. They got the same results after talking to the older frogs, no one knew or remembered the little frog, and some of them did not remember their own families. This was the last pond on the property, so the next stop was to travel up the river bed.
They started at the end of the property, where the river split of into smaller streams. At first it looked like the water had been abandoned. But then a large green snake jumped out at them. The little girl screamed. "Please do not be afraid of me, I am just a harmless water snake."
The little girl was still shaking from being surprised by the snake, but told the snake of their dilemma. The snake told her that he had been swimming all day from one end of the stream to the other, and met many frogs, but was not sure if he met the little frogs family or not. The little girl and frog thanked the snake for his help, and continued their journey.
They went a little further down the stream and ran into a little turtle, they asked him if there were any frog families close by. The little turtle tucked his head inside his shell and started to cry for his mother. The little girl told hi they just wanted to know if he could help, and did not mean to scare him. He refused to take is head out of his shell, and said "my mommy said not to talk to strangers, and you are a stranger so I cannot talk to you". The little girl thought for a minute, and then introduced herself to the turtle, and introduced the turtle to the little frog. She said " now that we have been introduced, we are no longer strangers. "Will you please help us?" she asked the turtle. The little turtle peeked his head out of his shell, and said " I think I saw a family of frogs further up the stream about an hour ago". They thanked the turtle, and continued their journey.
A little further up the stream they ran into a frog family, but sadly it was not the little frogs family. They talked to them for a few minutes, and the daddy frog said " I think I remember you, I think we used to live near you by a pond a few days ago." The little girl asked him why they moved from the pond, and the frog told her about a grumpy old toad that had chased everyone away. The little girl squealed in excitement, they had met the toad, so they at least knew where the little frogs home was a few days ago. They thanked the family and continued further down the stream.
The path down the stream was almost complete, the stream puddled into a small pond nearby, and maybe they would find the little frogs family nearby. They saw another green snake on their walk, and asked him if he had seen any frogs nearby, and they were in luck- "just down the path at the end of the pond there are a lot of frog families" said the snake. They both thanked the snake for his help, and continued down the path.
At the end of the path, both the little girl and the frog gasped. There were frogs everywhere. The little frog started to call out for his mommy, but heard no answer. They started to ask every frog they met about the little frogs family but, because it was so crowded, they could not hear anything. They walked and walked, but the little frog did not see his family anywhere. He started to cry. The little girl told the frog that he did not need to cry, that if they could not find his family , he could come live with her. This cheered the frog up a little bit, and he agreed.
Because of their failure to find the little frogs family, they started their way back to the little girls home. Along the way they passed all the ponds they passed earlier, but there were no frogs in sight. They came across the grumpy toad again, and decided to ask him again if he had seen the little frogs family, but he grumbled something and jumped into the pond. They agreed they would just go to the little girls house and give up the search.
When they got to the little girls house, the little frog was crying. The little girl asked him why he was crying, and the little frog said "I am crying because I had tricked you into helping me... I am not a magical frog, and cannot grant you any wishes". The frog apologized for tricking the little girl, and she said " I knew you were not a magical frog, I helped you because you needed help, not because you would give me something". The frog was happy, he did not like to lie, and felt bad for doing so. The little girl smiled, and said "if you were magical and gave me a wish, I would wish for us to be able to find your family." This made the little frog happy, that someone would want to do something like that for him. The little girl told the frog that since he was going to stay with her, she would make him a safe place to swim.
The little girl had filled a little kiddie pool with some water, placed a few big rocks in it for him to lay on in the sun. When she was done the frog hopped in and thanked the little girl. After a few minutes the little girl heard some croaking, and said to the little frog that she thought she had heard some frogs nearby. The little frog got excited, thinking that it might be his family, and asked if they could go check it out. They walked in the direction of the croaking, and came across a frog family hopping around frantically. The little girl asked them what was wrong. The frogs all started shouting at once that they had lost a little frog, when the little frog heard that he jumped down on the ground. All at once the frog family shouted "where have you been, we looked everywhere for you?" Both the little frog and little girl said "we were looking for you!"
They told the frogs family about their journey, and everyone laughed about it. The frog family had traveled the same path, only after they had. The little girl invited the whole frog family to live at her house, and told them about the pool she had filled. The family agreed to move to the house, and everyone was happy.
The End


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