college life at 27

Saturday, March 25, 2006


"Once upon a time there was a little girl" who wanted nothing more than to be accepted by her brothers. She did everything she could to try to make them forget that she was a girl, so they would let her play with them. She tried to dress like a boy, act like a boy, play with "boys toys", and play sports , like her brothers did. No matter how much she tried they would not accept her, the harder she tried-the more they denied her. They would tell her that she was too little to play the game they were playing, or that girls could not play..... This frustrated her, yet inspired her to proove to them that she could indeed play the same games and sports that they could. She involved her friends and other girls from the neighborhood that she lived in, and they formed a girls club. They studied all the games and sports that the boys in the neighborhood were playing, and practiced everyday after school... Then one day, after they all felt they were good enough they challenged the boys. The boys laughed at them, saying that it was unfair to play against them, because the boys would win, and the girls would be humiliated. The girls kept insisting that the boys play against them, and finally one day the boys agreed. The game was football. And the rules were, there were no rules-which meant that this was a game of tackle football. It was a tough game, and no matter how much the boys tried to hurt the girls or make them give up, the girls did not retreat.. Through all the effort the boys made to make the girls give up, they neglected to make any points. After all their struggle, the boys lost the game. This made them realize that the girls were formidable opponents, and always let them participate. This made the little girl extremely happy, and "they all lived happily ever after".


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