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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

3-21-06- read me!!!!!

The year was 1978, and it was July 4, a Tuesday....The location is Port Jefferson
Memorial Hospital on Long Island, NY... You may ask, why is this day important? Well, to
most it was just another independence day, but to me, it was the day I was born.... My parents
were not rich, but not considered poor either. Society would label them as lower middle class... I
was the 5th child born to Jesse and Carole Stacy. I was to be the last child born, and the only
daughter. I would have to say that I had a normal childhood, considering the circumstances...5
older brothers, all different ages. My oldest brother, John, is 13 years older than me, next in line
is Brian, who is 11 years older than me, next is Kevin, who is 7 years older, and finally Drew,
who is 4 years older than me. I was tormented like any younger sibling usually is, but I was also taught many things through those experiences. All the tormenting, and all the fighting taught me self defense, and to stand up for myself...which I did a lot of over the years.
Each of my brothers taught me different things...
John taught me responsibility while I was growing up. I am not much older than his children, and by the time I was ten I was required to baby-sit my nephews after school, for 2 hours, until my parents came home from work. I realize now that while this taught me responsibility, it also took away part of my childhood- it caused me to grow up faster than I should have.
Brian taught me to think for myself, to analyze things for what I think they mean or stand for. He is an artist, and pushed me towards being artistic as well... I enjoyed all the one on one time with him, learning drawing techniques, and painting techniques. While I enjoyed this time, I also missed out on time that I could have spent doing something else...
Kevin taught me about books. Being an avid reader himself, he wanted me to be one as well... I started reading fairly young, before kindergarten, thanks to him reading to me, and teaching me to read. Kevin also taught me about math. He was constantly trying to teach me how to do things, and add things up... Maybe he was tired of me asking how much, or how many- either way I am thankful he spent the time to teach me.
Drew, well there is no one else like Drew, he taught me more than I usually give him credit for. Drew taught me to be independent, to stand out.. He never wanted me to follow the crowd, and made sure that I did things for me, not for anyone else’s benefit... He taught me about athletics.. He ran track for school, and would make me run with him. There wasn’t a day that went by, that he did not teach me , or make me do something beneficial to my health- exercise....
My parents taught me also about independence ,and to be a leader of the pack.... Now, they had a tremendous impact on my childhood education as well, but it was easier to understand all of my brothers methods of teaching.
I look back over the years and try to tally up the experiences I have been given, thanks to the efforts put forth by every one of my siblings, and I feel like crying. They have given me much more than I have given them... Because of my brothers I enjoy, and am passionate about reading, math, art, music, and have grown up to be extremely independent and the leader of the pack..I am always my own person, and never follow the crowd.

I have sent this by email to each of my brothers, and had both my parents read it... I know it is not thanksgiving yet, but I wanted them to know what I am thankful for, and how much it means to me that they are my family.... If this hits home with you, I strongly recommend that you thank your family for being there for you, even when you thought you did not need them...