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Sunday, March 19, 2006


wow, what a short week... had lots to do.. my brain is about completely ready to give u on me from the overload!!!!! lots of research to do for english, apsu 1000, chemistry,and communications for my persuasive speech!! all i want to do is sleep for at least 3 days, but it is just now possible...... I am not able ot access what i need for my english essay online, so i will have to try again through the library......... i will also have to get what i need for apsu through the library, since i am not able to access some of the online articles and ebooks online.. my chemistry stuff is fun, we are doing an energy audit, and a lab- i found what i needed online, now the fun part is to record the energy usage of my home for the next week.... I have no clue what my next speech is going to be on, we need to use something contraversial, but with all the choices out there it is hard to decide on one.... i think cq researcher is a great tool, but how are we to pick just one topic???
ok- now i am just rambling on and on..... back to school work


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