college life at 27

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


someone just put me out of my misery now please!!!! my head hurts,my sinuses are killing me, my glands are swollen, my eyes hurt, my stomach is trying to leave me, and my entire body aches..... the soonest Dr. appointment i can get is at 2pm on friday, so i have to suffer till then...... I am so totally miserable...... I'm at a block on my essay... I chose the topic of best animals/ pets for families with children, but i'm not sure exactly how i want to rewrite it... the only info i found through felix i feel is not sufficient enough to support my ideas...... maybe i should start over................. but if i do that, i'll probrably get a lower grade than what the current one would be worth- what to do , what to do......... on the brighter side, the renovations on the house are complete, my son is happy with his room, i am thrilled with the bathroom and tub, and the semester is almost over!!!!!!!!!!! i just hope the hardest parts of my classes are over!!!
well, enough for one night, gotta get back to brainstorming and contiplating what to do....


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