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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

brain freeze

It is February 1st, 2006. So far so good with clsses..... Although I do wish it did not seem so hard at times, but I guess if it was easy everyone would be able to do it. I have had a somewhat rough week, and it looks to get rougher. I have a chemistry exam thursday the 2nd, and although I have studied for it, so much that my eyes hurt, I feel worried that I will do poorly. I remember doing very well in school- it just came natrually, but now it is just hard and faster paced than I thought it would be. In english we are starting our second essay before the 1st is even completed, talk about double exhaustion and brain shut down..... I have to do a journal essay for apsu 1000 about a campus event, but I do not get the opportunity to attend any events....I live an hour from clarksville, and throughout the week my classes end either at 12:10pm or at 2:25pm.. It is not possible for me to drive home, pick up my son from school, do his homework, my homework, attend to household duties and then find a babysitter to watch him so I could drive back to clarksville.... If it was possible to take him with me I would consider it, but he is autistic and cannot handle large crowds, noise or new/strange places. It is just so hard to manage the schedule i have at home, and now with the schedule for school I have no time to really do anything, I think next semester I will need to lighten the load a bit, maybe 17 hours is a little much..... well that's about it of the free time, back to the books. I will post again before monday, so check back.


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