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Saturday, February 25, 2006


It has been a hectic week. I had to work on a speech for communictaions, continue revising my english essay, study for a math exam, and still studying for a chemistry exam and music exam both next week.... we are in the middle of renevating our house right now, so everything is hectic around the house, so noisy all the time, except after i ahve been doing most of my major work at that time. Dylan finally got over the flu, but it seems to have traveled back around the circle, because now my fathre is sick again. thankfully it seems to have passes over me, and i pray it will do so again. I cannot afford to be sick, too much work to be done. now don't read into this the wrong way, i am not a major procrastinator- i just have issues with time management due to a 5 yr old that constantly wants my attention. all i have left to work on this weekend is the final touches on my speech for wednesday(just my visual aids), final review before my chemistry test on tuesday, and continued review for my music exam on thursday. I'm sure there will be more piled on after my monday and tuesday classes, so i will be in my own little world a lot next week. Since my caseload is completed for the night, it is time for a little relaxation, wind down time, before i drift off to la la land. i will post again, so check back.


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