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Monday, February 20, 2006


well, it is a rare occasion that school is closed for snow. I guess that just gives me extra time to prepare for my upcoming test in math, and to rered my reading assignments before classes on tuesday. It has been a hectic week- I am the only non-sick person in my house right now. Both my parents have the flu, and my son is getting over an allergic reaction and a mild case of the flu. I hope that I do not get sick too!!! The ice was fun this weekend! I had to take a drive into town, which is a 10 mile drive from my house, to go to the pharmacy for my mom and do a little grocery shopping. my driveway is about 1/4 a mile long and is uphill, and even with traction control i slid a bit down the driveway. The roads were pretty clear though. On my way home my son and I were getting attacked by ice pellets, he thought it was hillarious- I did not. We made it back up the driveway though, and there we stay till the ice melts! Like I said, this will give me some more time to go back over my homework, and reading assignments so that I will not feel like an idiiot if there is a quiz, like last week..... well off to read! will post again next week


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