college life at 27

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


well, where to start....It seems that I have a complete loss for words. That has been happening a lot this past week. I am anxious to find out what my grades are for some of my classes... I turned in my music assignment- mapping a song of my choice, and am hoping I did good on it, it's been about 18 years since I have had to do anything like that. I did not do as well on my essay as i thought I would, but after reading it again I completely deserved the grade I received. It is a good thing I am not an english major, since it is not one of my strongpoints!!! I am trying to find some time for me- I am going to start going to the gym, in the mornings, twice a week to work out and clear my mind, maybe that will help me with the brain freezes!!! Dylan(my son) was sick all weekend , with a high temperature. He is still feeling a bit sick, so I have become his servent- getting him what he wants all the time(gets pretty agrivating), I hope that ends soon, because I do get pretty tired of it!!!! well I will post again soon...


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