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Saturday, February 25, 2006

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It has been a hectic week. I had to work on a speech for communictaions, continue revising my english essay, study for a math exam, and still studying for a chemistry exam and music exam both next week.... we are in the middle of renevating our house right now, so everything is hectic around the house, so noisy all the time, except after i ahve been doing most of my major work at that time. Dylan finally got over the flu, but it seems to have traveled back around the circle, because now my fathre is sick again. thankfully it seems to have passes over me, and i pray it will do so again. I cannot afford to be sick, too much work to be done. now don't read into this the wrong way, i am not a major procrastinator- i just have issues with time management due to a 5 yr old that constantly wants my attention. all i have left to work on this weekend is the final touches on my speech for wednesday(just my visual aids), final review before my chemistry test on tuesday, and continued review for my music exam on thursday. I'm sure there will be more piled on after my monday and tuesday classes, so i will be in my own little world a lot next week. Since my caseload is completed for the night, it is time for a little relaxation, wind down time, before i drift off to la la land. i will post again, so check back.

Monday, February 20, 2006


well, it is a rare occasion that school is closed for snow. I guess that just gives me extra time to prepare for my upcoming test in math, and to rered my reading assignments before classes on tuesday. It has been a hectic week- I am the only non-sick person in my house right now. Both my parents have the flu, and my son is getting over an allergic reaction and a mild case of the flu. I hope that I do not get sick too!!! The ice was fun this weekend! I had to take a drive into town, which is a 10 mile drive from my house, to go to the pharmacy for my mom and do a little grocery shopping. my driveway is about 1/4 a mile long and is uphill, and even with traction control i slid a bit down the driveway. The roads were pretty clear though. On my way home my son and I were getting attacked by ice pellets, he thought it was hillarious- I did not. We made it back up the driveway though, and there we stay till the ice melts! Like I said, this will give me some more time to go back over my homework, and reading assignments so that I will not feel like an idiiot if there is a quiz, like last week..... well off to read! will post again next week

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


well, where to start....It seems that I have a complete loss for words. That has been happening a lot this past week. I am anxious to find out what my grades are for some of my classes... I turned in my music assignment- mapping a song of my choice, and am hoping I did good on it, it's been about 18 years since I have had to do anything like that. I did not do as well on my essay as i thought I would, but after reading it again I completely deserved the grade I received. It is a good thing I am not an english major, since it is not one of my strongpoints!!! I am trying to find some time for me- I am going to start going to the gym, in the mornings, twice a week to work out and clear my mind, maybe that will help me with the brain freezes!!! Dylan(my son) was sick all weekend , with a high temperature. He is still feeling a bit sick, so I have become his servent- getting him what he wants all the time(gets pretty agrivating), I hope that ends soon, because I do get pretty tired of it!!!! well I will post again soon...

Friday, February 10, 2006


wow, talk about brain freeze... I have had so much to do this week! It seems that in some classes as the semester progresses there is more and more homework assigned each class. I guess that is just the way it works. I took a test in music class this week, and made an 89, and my forst speech for communications I made a 97. So I guess all the hard work is paying off!!! The real test will be to continue to get grades on that level or higher. It seems like there is never enough time in the day to be able ot get everything done, and i find myself still doing homework at 10:00pm...... On the weekends it is not so bad, there is more time to make sure everything is done and done correctly. During the week is when it gets hard. There is so much to do as soon as I get home, that i do not get a chance to even start homework until about 7 or 8 pm....... At least on my M/W/F classes I have about 1 hr between my 3 classes, so i can work a little on homework after class to alleviate the work load for that night...... An hour seems a long time, but when it includes reading, excersises and then the homework an dhour really is not that long. Today the homework load is pretty light, other than continuing to finalize my 1st draft on my second essay and continuing to work on my next speech.... speaking of which it is about that time to start on some homework while my son is distracted with his videos........

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

brain freeze

It is February 1st, 2006. So far so good with clsses..... Although I do wish it did not seem so hard at times, but I guess if it was easy everyone would be able to do it. I have had a somewhat rough week, and it looks to get rougher. I have a chemistry exam thursday the 2nd, and although I have studied for it, so much that my eyes hurt, I feel worried that I will do poorly. I remember doing very well in school- it just came natrually, but now it is just hard and faster paced than I thought it would be. In english we are starting our second essay before the 1st is even completed, talk about double exhaustion and brain shut down..... I have to do a journal essay for apsu 1000 about a campus event, but I do not get the opportunity to attend any events....I live an hour from clarksville, and throughout the week my classes end either at 12:10pm or at 2:25pm.. It is not possible for me to drive home, pick up my son from school, do his homework, my homework, attend to household duties and then find a babysitter to watch him so I could drive back to clarksville.... If it was possible to take him with me I would consider it, but he is autistic and cannot handle large crowds, noise or new/strange places. It is just so hard to manage the schedule i have at home, and now with the schedule for school I have no time to really do anything, I think next semester I will need to lighten the load a bit, maybe 17 hours is a little much..... well that's about it of the free time, back to the books. I will post again before monday, so check back.